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Below are answers to a few commonly asked questions. of course if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Can you tune my vehicle to my specific needs?2019-07-25T15:10:58+10:00

Yes, when we tune your vehicle we get as much information about what your vehicle is used for before we start tuning. This allows us to make sure the tune we put in your vehicle is suited to what you want. We can tune your vehicle for towing, performance, fuel economy, or any combination of these.

Will a tune improve my fuel economy?2019-07-25T15:12:06+10:00

Potentially but not always. The tune requested will determine whether or not your fuel economy will improve. If tuning purely for fuel economy then certainly yes. Even an all-round tune can improve fuel economy in some circumstances.

Will a tune make my car smokey?2019-07-25T15:13:26+10:00

No. When we tune your vehicle we make sure that what comes out of your exhaust pipe matches what it came out from the factory like. We do this by tuning in stages to make sure the ratio of fuel and air are the same as before.

Will a tune void my new car warranty?2019-07-25T15:13:02+10:00

In short no, the manufacturer can only reject your warranty if the cause of the problem is the modification itself. For example, if you got your windows tinted and the horn stopped working then you’re covered as the modification obviously has not caused the problem. As long as you tune within the manufacturer’s parameters then you will be fine. For a more detailed explanation refer to the link below:



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