We offer upgrades to your vehicle for performance, reliability & suspension.


A ‘performance upgrade’ is a very broad term and can cover vehicle upgrades to increase power, speed, reliability, handling & more.

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Service Abstract

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Every performance upgrade is tailored to your vehicle & your driving requirement. Works will generally be completed within 1-3 working days. We will discuss options & timing of works with you as part of the quote process.

 Performance Upgrades Can Offer a Range of Benefits

Performance Upgrades offer a range of potential benefits for your vehicle and driving experience, including those listed below.

  • More power

  • More torque

  • Better fuel economy

  • Enhanced throttle response

  • A smoother delivery of power

  • A reliable & safe way to optimise the power performance of your vehicle to match how you want to drive it


Power Increase 50%
Torque Increase 50%
Fuel Efficiency Improvement 25%


Diesel vehicles are generally very reliable but there is always room to improve the power, torque & fuel efficiency they can deliver, especially when tailored to your vehicle & the way you need to drive it. We offer a comprehensive range of performance upgrade services for all types of diesel & petrol vehicles.

ECU Remapping

Suited to your vehicle & your needs. Get more performance & a better driving experience.


Using out state of the art dyno we can offer faster & more accurate diagnosis for all makes & models.

Performance Upgrades

We offer upgrades to your vehicle for performance, reliability & suspension.


At SEDS Performance we guarantee all our work for a minimum 6 months. You can be confident in trusting your vehicle to us because:

  • EXPERIENCE: The team that will work with you & your car are all experienced professionals.
  • TECHNOLOGY: We only use the best equipment & technology available.
  • TAILORED SOLUTION: We will always take the time to understand your requirements & match an innovative performance tuning solution to that & your vehicle.


Get in touch and we will provide an obligation-free quote to performance tune your vehicle.

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      FIND US

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