Using out state of the art dyno we can offer faster, safer & more accurate diagnosis for all makes & models. 


At SEDS Performance we us Dyno Tuning to systematically & comprehensively tune your vehicle’s engine. This comprehensive approach will identify what needs to be done to provide you with the best performance, efficiency & driving experience possible from your vehicle.

In contrast to old methods of diagnosis such as drive testing whilst checking scan tools, our reliance on dyno technology ensures we can deliver a more accurate diagnosis in our workshop. This eliminates the risk of having your car on the road for testing and reduces the time required.

Service Abstract

Our approach to vehicle diagnostics is to carry out dyno runs in our workshop to identify & review the current state of your vehicle’s tuning, performance & economy. From this diagnostic process we can then accurately advise & recommend options to repair or upgrade your vehicle’s performance. We then safely optimise your vehicle’s power, torque & efficiency to provide guaranteed results to make sure it’s running in tip top condition. All of this is done safely & promptly in our workshop without risking your car being on the road for testing.

Dyno Diagnostics Offers a Range of Benefits

Running a full diagnostic program offers a range of benefits for your vehicle and driving experience, including those listed below.

  • Accurately identify the cause of any issues & identify opportunities to upgrade vehicle performance

  • A reliable & safe way to optimise the power performance of your vehicle to match how you want to drive it

  • Provides a faster result to pinpoint the issue at hand

  • Provides the ability to replicate the same load points over and over allowing fast & comprehensive testing

  • All diagnosis can be completed safely & thoroughly in our workshop, keeping your vehicle off the street.


Power Increase 50%
Torque Increase 50%
Fuel Efficiency Improvement 25%


Diesel vehicles are generally very reliable but there is always room to improve the power, torque & fuel efficiency they can deliver, especially when tailored to your vehicle & the way you need to drive it. We offer a comprehensive range of performance upgrade services for all types of diesel & petrol vehicles.

ECU Remapping

Suited to your vehicle & your needs. Get more performance & a better driving experience.


Using out state of the art dyno we can offer faster & more accurate diagnosis for all makes & models.

Performance Upgrades

We offer upgrades to your vehicle for performance, reliability & suspension.


At SEDS Performance we guarantee all our work for a minimum 6 months. You can be confident in trusting your vehicle to us because:

  • EXPERIENCE: The team that will work with you & your car are all experienced professionals.
  • TECHNOLOGY: We only use the best equipment & technology available.
  • TAILORED SOLUTION: We will always take the time to understand your requirements & match an innovative performance tuning solution to that & your vehicle.


Get in touch and we will provide an obligation-free quote to performance tune your vehicle.

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      FIND US

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